Doc-Secure: Digital Rights Management
  • In today’s world, your documents can be accessed any place, any time, on any device. And without the right security, by anyone.
  • The challenge: protect all of your documents all of the time on any device.
  • The Solution: Doc-Secure can protect your information across all devices and networks, both at rest and in transit. Doc-Secure works seamlessly across local hard drives, e-mail and cloud storage.
  • Since it is easy for anyone to access your files from anywhere, it is just as easy for you to protect your files everywhere.


Maintain control of your documents and information outside of your network

Enhance Access Control Manage access and usage of your files by device, user, group, time, functionality and network

Multiple Authentication Types Active Directory, Internal, oAuth (Facebook, Microsoft, Google)

Supports Two Factor Authentication Add an additional layer of security and access control by implementing application based Two Factor Authentication

Multiple layers of encryption Doc-Secure utilizes multiple layers of encryption to secure your document at rest

Realtime tracking, auditing and access control on local and remote networks: Encrypted documents that are no longer required can be expired on demand or with pre-determined dates. Disabling your information is easy and quick.

Outlook Integration Protecting an e-mail attachment can now be as simple as sending one. By clicking the “Doc-Secure” icon in the Outlook ribbon, the attachments that you send can now be protected

Compliance and BYOD Prevent your documents from being accessed on any devices other than corporate devices and laptops. By enforcing permissions, your compliance is guaranteed, even when accessed on personal devices. Keep your information protected and your systems compliant while allowing groundbreaking enterprise mobility and BYOD adoption.

Enable Success by Adapting To Change

Security concerns often put an end to novel technology. However, the ability to control granular access policies on your documents provides you with more flexibility and freedom. You can now adopt outsourcing, cloud services and mobile technologies without jeopardizing your information security. Enable Business, Enable Success.

Maintain Privacy and Security on Public Platforms

Doc-Secure enables you to share your documents and maintain security independent of the private or public cloud service used. You maintain access control, not even the cloud service can access the information contained within your documents.

Use the Cloud, Stay in Compliance

Doc-Secure enables you to protect your documents while utilizing both public or private cloud services and remain in compliance with policy, procedure, legal and regulatory requirements. You can now use innovative technologies to develop your business without being hindered by compliance issues and security threats.

Innovative Data Governance and Compliance Control

The process of securing your files only begins when you protect a file and share it with others. Any document protected with Doc-Secure reports usage to the Doc-Secure Rights Management Server. The usage of your files is immediately tracked, enabling you to be aware of when, where and who is viewing your documents. Reports are available within the Rights Management server, and can be exported and scheduled. This information can be made available to both internal and external auditors to assist in policy and procedure compliance as well as regulatory compliance. Reports are customizable.

Extend Policy, Procedure, Legal and Regulatory Compliance Beyond Your Network

Doc-Secure allows you to enforce internal policies and procedures as well as governance and compliance policies beyond your network as the security and permissions travel with the document. Doc-Secure not only permits you to decide what functionality specific users receive, it also enables you to monitor any encounter with your information from a multitude of devices.


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