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Our Company

Based in South Florida, Doc-Solutions is a provider of services and solutions to meet your custom software development, integration and support needs in an assortment of industries.

Founders Gavin Rembach and Jose Manzur share a collaborative 30 years of professional experience in software development and solutions, marketing and workflow strategies.

In partnership with the latest and most versatile software solutions, our team has worked with a variety of international industries in the application and customization of document management, workflow and security solutions. We also provide services in terms of staff augmentation, custom software development and support and multi-platform integration.

Our Team

  Gavin Rembach

Gavin Rembach is the President of Doc-Solutions with responsibility for business development, overseeing all operational aspects and leading corporate development. Gavin brings a wealth of technology and marketing to Doc-Solutions. His primary assignment for Doc-Solutions is responsibility for all aspects of technology which includes; hardware, software, development of Doc-Solutions products, networking information security, and compliance with policy and procedure.

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  Jose Manzur

Jose Manzur is the Vice President of Doc-Solutions with general responsibility over sales, marketing, implementations, vendor relations and overall executive leadership of the company. Jose brings his vast experience in implementation of Enterprise Document Management Systems to guide the company as they provide proven methodologies and best practices to Doc-Solutions customers. His consultative background gives Doc-Solutions a competitive advantage enabling them to understand the customers’ business needs and translate those requirements into solid technical solutions.

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Other Services

Companies commonly use software applications for critical business functions, including the management of content, inventory management, customer relations, human resources, and in other areas. Quite often, off-the-shelf software packages only offer generic solutions for specific challenges. At Doc-Solutions, we develop custom applications and build integrations to address interoperability between applications to fit your organization's specific needs.

We utilize a number of industry standard methodologies including LEAN Six Sigma, Services Oriented Architecture and Object Oriented Programming to develop and bring together discrete systems.

We specialize in the following categories:

System Architecture – We take on the arduous duty of designing, architecting and managing the implementation of your network, server or application platforms. We will work with your IT Staff to ensure you build a reliable secure and accessible data infrastructure.

Business Process Automation – As companies continue to trim expenses, they want to make sure that it is not at the expense of accuracy, effectiveness, and prompt service to their customers. We can help by analyzing existing business processes and streamlining them so they can be accomplished with the lowest possible labor resources. This includes making processes consistent, compliant and auditable.

Security – In recent years there have been many security breaches in various industries that can cost companies significant monetary and resource capital while simultaneously destroying reputations. While many companies do an adequate job of protecting themselves from intrusions by outsiders, we take our security consultancy a step further by identifying, solving and preventing potential internal risks as well as applying a system that will protect your data even if it inadvertently leaves your organization.

Too often implementations fail due to poorly planned execution. In most cases, existing staff is already burdened with day to day activities so that when a new project is assigned to them, it significantly diminishes their productivity. A project manager assigned to your integration and implementation projects can help not only identify any resource shortage you may have, but also keep a project on task and ensure objectives are met. We can even take previously failed projects and resurrect them to save you from losing your investments. We use proven industry methodology, in compliance with PMI standards to document, track, inform and deliver a finalized project in a timely manner.

Resource allocation is a critical component of successful project management. Project investment should only be made in projects where the necessary resources are available. Once it is determined that one or many projects meet defined objectives, the available resources of an organization must be evaluated for its ability to meet project demand. Effective resource allocation typically requires an understanding of existing labor or funding resource commitments in business operations and other projects, as well as the skills available in the resource pool.

Resources may be subject to physical constraints. For example, IT hardware may not be readily available to support technology changes. A holistic understanding of all project resources and their availability must be considered with the decision to make initial investment or else projects may encounter substantial risk during their lifecycle when unplanned resource constrictions arise.

Every business in today's IT dependent market requires multiple systems in various environments. Applications, databases, and networks must work together. The necessity to have all aspects of your business systems operating together smoothly isn't easily achieved. Many companies let their current technology limit their choice of new systems and functionality because they don't have the ability to integrate them. Doc-Solutions has the expertise and experience to provide the integration your business requires and maximize your technology investments.

Building upon your existing IT infrastructure, we will help create a cohesive set of systems that will not only integrate your business systems, but also prepare you for further technology growth and expansion. We remove boundaries imposed by single-platform products or solutions. We deliver the knowledge and flexibility to define and build a solution tailored to the precise needs of your company.

Integrating multiple applications together minimizes duplication of data entry and redundant data stores while maintaining synchronicity between systems. We are able to customize interfaces and work with disparate data sources into one concise secure source to all authorized users. An example includes the ability to provide a website that allow can customers fill out PDF forms to quickly populate your CRM in real time. This allows you to react and track transactions quickly and effectively.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project and respond to business objectives in the work process. The technique consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required. One possible advantage of this approach is that it may leverage existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services and contract workers to fill gaps as necessary.

More companies are growing and increasing their needs to implement and modernize IT Infrastructures and systems while maintaining labor costs. Short or long term staff augmentation helps by keeping the labor and training costs components in check during ramp up phases of these projects. The element of staff augmentation can be visible across every department to achieve competence and unmatched standard of working. Staff augmentation may lead to better management for your organization. The goal of the exercise is to handle staffing requirements with an existing talent pool.

The trend in staff augmentation is occurring because of the abundance of IT resources, declining rates, and narrowing margins for companies that need these services.

With ever increasing requirements for privacy, compliance and regulation, it is now more important than ever to have the proper plan and software tools to comply. Through years of experience in multiple industry verticals, we have compiled some of the most effective practices and finest of class software tools to provide the best security and compliance solutions the industry has to offer. Using records management, digital rights management, and record retention applications, we can satisfy the multitude of security concerns of your industry.

Upgrades and new product transitions are always a necessity with line of business applications. Whether you are migrating to the cloud, transitioning between a CRM, ERP, HRIS or accounting systems, we can help manage the transition. We work with your vendors and directly with your IT staff to ease the transition. As needed, we can provide such services as data migration, staff training, custom integrations, and Project Management.

Capture / Workflow/ Storage / Retrieval

Everyone at every level of any company has asked "Where did I put that invoice, order, quote, document", only to find out someone else has it or it has been lost in the shuffle of paperwork. Every company would like to shorten the amount of time it takes to complete a transaction. Most transactions require a document to be approved, reviewed or have data elements extracted from them. The most common practice is to archive documents after transactional procedures are complete, thereby simply replacing a file cabinet with electronic storage.

A more efficient practice is to electronically capture the document at the point of inception, and automatically route it to the processors of the information as well as the approvers and reviewers. We begin with a capture workflow; we capture documents in all forms from physical paper to electronic files. This methodology also incorporates disparate document sources such as fax documents, emailed documents, mp3/wav recordings, and even movie files. This is followed by creating automated workflows for delivering the documents to the appropriate employee or system for processing. Tracking, auditing and reporting are built in systematically delivered or made available throughout the process.

One of the simplest and most tangible cost reduction areas in most organizations is print and output management. Too often, employees are forced to print or copy documents in order to enter data or answer questions. By monitoring what, how and when a user can print is one essential area that can produce immediate cost savings to your organization. Automating the capture of printed output transactions and making it available to affected users and management can help modify print behavior. This radically reduces your organization’s reliance on paper. We utilize several technologies to help manage and control your output requirements.

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