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In order to do business with others trust is a necessity. Our technology ensures your trust will not be violated. We protect your sensitive documents from unauthorized access, theft and careless sharing. Many companies do not possess the proper technology to ensure their documents are safe when they are stored on a device or electronically distributed. Doc-Secure was designed to consistently secure your most sensitive documents. Rest assured you maintain control and visibility of all your sensitive documents in real time.

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Document Security
Encryption | DRM

At Doc-Solutions we understand the importance of security at any level, whether you are protecting your personal intellectual property or managing the security of confidential documents and information within your company. We offer consultation, customization and support of the latest and most versatile encryption technology.

A rights management solution allows you to control who can view your file and track the activity of the document and its users as well as prevent printing, saving, copying and screen capture.

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Document Management & Workflow | EDM

Document Management and Workflow technologies are the backbone in streamlining business processes for efficiency, compliance, and security. We are integrators of a true Electronic Content Managements system called Document Locator, by ColumbiaSoft. This document management software lays the foundation for efficient routing of both electronic and scanned documents.


Consulting & Services

Companies commonly use software applications for critical business functions, including the management of content, inventory management, customer relations, human resources, or otherwise. Quite often, off-the-shelf software packages only offer generic solutions for specific challenges. At Doc-Solutions, we develop custom applications and build integrations to address interoperability between applications to fit your organization's specific needs.

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