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Why Protect Your Documents

PROBLEM: Your documents can be accessed at any time on any device by anyone from anywhere.
BECAUSE of the value of the information to you and your stakeholders contained in your documents, you have the following challenge:
MAINTENANCE of the safety and security of your documents both internally and externally on any device is a requirement.
IMAGINE Real time and real world access control and auditing of your documents with enhanced encryption.

Danger Signs

  • Careless Employees
  • Document is no longer under Company Control
  • Forwarded Emails
  • Hackers, Ransomware & Document Leaks
  • Local copies being stored on
    user devices, thumb drives
  • Printing and getting into the
    wrong hands, competition

Types Of Documents

  • Confidential Secret and Restricted Government documents
  • Intellectual Property - Publications, Manuals, Designs, Formulas, Trade Secrets
  • Personal Information, Identifiable Data, Medical, Financial
  • Purchase Agreements, Offers, Contracts, Negotiations
  • Taxes, Filings, permits, authorizations
  • Financial Reporting
  • Price Lists, User Lists, Customer List
  • Revenue, Banking, Investments, Payments, Dividends

Industry Concepts

  • Aerospace MRO - Repair and Maintenance Manuals
  • Food Organizations, Restaurants - Secret Recipes
  • Corporate - Confidential correspondence, Contracts, Financials, Pricing
  • Government - Secret, Confidential, Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Distribution - Price Lists, User Lists, Customer List
  • Healthcare - Medical Studies, Trials, Patient Privacy
  • Educational Institutions - Testing, Questions, Grading, Evaluations
  • Law Firms - Criminal Records, Transcripts, Statements, Discovery
  • Financial Institutions - Statements, Reports Premium Newsletters / Advice, Sensitive Communications
  • Manufacturing - Price Lists, User Lists, Customer Lists, Manual, Designs, Formulas, Trade Secrets
  • Publishers - Intellectual Property, Subscriptions